A group of friends set out across the universe (starting in the midwestern United States and heading south) on a quest for laughs and adventure!




Mat Alano-Martin is an internationally touring comedian based out of the sleepy little college town of Bloomington, IN. His debut album “Profiled as Such” can be heard on the Sirius/XM Raw Dog comedy channel and he has appeared on the nationally syndicated The Bob & Tom Show. He has worked with such notable acts as Patton Oswalt, Tig Notaro and Marc Maron and has performed at several festivals and prominent showcases across the country. This past year he made his overseas debut at the 11th Annual Hong Kong International Comedy Festival




David Britton grew up watching Marx Brothers movies (which his mother loved) and Mystery Science Theater (which his mother hated).

Britton is a writer for The Hard Times, The Daily Dot, and StoriesAboutWizards.com, which is a website he bought one night when he was drunk . He has appeared on The Bob and Tom Show, Laughs on Fox, and a really cool garage in Pittsburg.





Jonas Schrodt is the winner of the 2017 Bloomington Comedy Festival. He has appeared at Cincinnati Brew Ha Ha, the Limestone Comedy Festival and on The Todd Glass Show.


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